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Fussing About Facebook
Protests Have No Impact On Social Giant

There has been a lot of noise lately about people publicly announcing that they’re quitting Facebook. The recent gripes are focused on Facebook over revisions to its platform and privacy policy that encourage its members to make personal information more accessible. People go through great lengths to maintain privacy. We put curtains up in our homes and locks on our doors, so it’s no surprise that people are concerned with sharing their information with the world wide web.

According to an article in the New York Times, “Analysts and industry experts are quick to point out that Facebook has dealt with a number of user protests in its six-year history and emerged unscathed each time, continuing to add new users at a record clip. For many users, the Web site is an irreplaceable nexus of friends, relatives and colleagues online, making it difficult to abandon.” Besides, how are you going to get through the 4pm slump on a Friday without Farmville?

Data infers that the past may predict the future of Facebook. Daily Reach for Facebook is up over last month and unique visitors reached an all time high of 135MM in April.

Daily Reach of over last 30 days

Unique Visitors to over last 2 years

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Category Spotlight

The Curious Case of Honda
Reasearch From Compete's Auto Practice

An article in a recent edition of BusinessWeek detailed the woes of Honda. It discussed the automaker’s declining US market share as well as product missteps – most notably Crosstour and Insight – and its inability to cash in on Toyota’s problems while other competitors have been quick to capitalize.

Compete Automotive Practice decided to take a deeper dive into just what’s troubling Honda to uncover the root causes of its problems. The first place to look is at market demand, Compete’s measure of automotive shopping activities across all the top third-party automotive web sites—with no double-counting of consumers that completed the same activity on more than one of the sites. We also evaluated shopper counts by model and brand.

The results show that Honda has not been keeping pace with market demand for quite some time: Honda’s Share of Market Interest (shopper counts as a % of total market shoppers) was as low as 13% in recent months... Read More

Fast Movers: Top Moving Domains

Top 10 Gains In Monthly Unique Visitors
Sports Websites Experience Another Boost

With Major League Baseball in full swing and the NBA Playoffs underway, sports websites dominated the charts once again in April.

Growing Websites in April 2010

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