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Introducing Enhanced Referral Analytics!
New Solution Makes It Easy To See Online Acquisition Landscape

Compete has reinvented Referral Analytics, one of the digital intelligence tools offered through Compete PRO, to give marketers a visual picture of the online acquisition landscape. The enhanced Referral Analytics solution includes a comprehensive Traffic Dashboard that enables marketers, advertisers and publishers to explore the traffic metrics of competitors, clients and prospects through a unified, at-a-glance portal.

The updated Referral Analytics tool gives marketers an easy-to-read depiction of what marketing channels and websites are responsible for driving traffic to any given website -- all made possible by enhancements to Compete's data methodology. The dashboard features an interactive Channel Map that delineates each referring channel as a separate box, and the data can be drilled down further into corresponding subdomains and specific channel metrics. By tapping this enhanced solution, subscribers can uncover how a competitor or partner website is acquiring users, monitor changes in its strategy and adjust their own marketing budget. Click here to read the full press release!

As seen by our new Referral Analytics, we can see that social networks are sending less traffic to Facebook, particularly Myspace and Twitter.

Unique Visitors to over last 2 years

We hope this gives you an understanding of the newly reinvented referral analytics, available to Compete PRO advanced members today! To learn more, click here!


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Category Spotlight

Consumer Perceptions of Travel Value Not Promising
Survey Results from Compete's Travel Practice

In response to the lingering recession, the travel industry has had to aggressively cut prices and at the same time promote value. Compete recently surveyed its panelists on their perception of value by travel category, 2010 vs. 2009. “Value” is always difficult to define; in this case we asked respondents to consider things such as price and amenities each category offers. The same respondents ranked all four categories: Flight, Hotel, Cruise and Car Rental.

First the good news: Over 1 in 5 respondents felt that cruises and hotels were overall a better value in 2010 than in 2009 (first chart). However, for each the majority reported that 2010 values were only “slightly better.” Fewer than 10% felt car rentals are a better value. Trailing the set, and consistent with recent fare increases and incremental fees, was airlines. Only 8% of respondents felt airlines offer a better value today than last year. Read More

Fast Movers: Top Moving Domains

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Growing Websites in May 2010

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