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Cloudy With A Chance Of Sales

How Auto Makers Can Convert Shoppers Into Buyers

One of the key analytics in Compete’s arsenal of online tools is a measure of automotive demand, or how many in-market consumers are shopping for a particular make or model during a given timeframe. Automotive demand is critical in understanding the impact of marketing efforts as well as understanding a vehicle’s sales potential. But while demand improves the potential for sales, it correlates to sales only to the extent that automakers can convert shoppers into buyers. And there are countless things that influence conversion, like sticker pricing, incentives, vehicle inventory and supply. Read more.

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Compete Blog

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The Latest Stories From The Compete Blog

HTC= High Traffic Counts? Chris Collins, Director Technology & Entertainment talks how Android phones have captured the attention of consumers around the US, surpassing both RIM and Apple.

What are you doing at work all day, bro? Abigail Holden, Social Media Intern analyzes the web-surfing habits of men who are bored at work and taking a breather on

Do you buys household items online? Matt Pace, Managing Director, Retail & Consumer Products talks about why consumers should give retailers a second chance with household products.

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Consumer Positions on Travel Peaks and Packages

As the recession continues, consumers continue to evolve their travel thinking. The evolution represents possible opportunities and challenges. Compete recently surveyed its panelists on two aspects of travel planning: Likelihood to travel during off-peak periods, and likelihood to book packages. The likelihood of traveling off-peak is one gauge of consumers managing a desire to travel against monetary pressures. Over half of respondents reported that they are more likely to consider off-peak travel vs. a year ago.

Note that the trough of the recession was Q4 2008, so the 2009-to-2010 increase in off-peak potential is on top of changes from 2008 to 2009. The noble 12% less likely to consider off-peak may be responding to overall lower travel rates (i.e., less need to travel off-peak given lower prices). Read more.

To learn more about Compete's Travel experts, visit our website.

Fast Movers

Top 10 Gains in Monthly Unique Visitors For July 2010

Shark Week Sinks Its Teeth Into Site Traffic For While Users Look For Other Fish In The Sea

Top 10 Gains In Monthly Unique Visitors For July y2010

Digital 180

Digital 180 Content Section

Videos Your Boss Wants You To View At Work

If you missed the DigitalCMO Summit this year, you can replay video content that covers how the internet and digital media are transforming businesses.

dCMO Videos

The industry's leading marketers and thought leaders share their first-hand experiences from their organizations and discuss how data and analytics are becoming inseparable components of the creation and implementation of effective marketing campaigns. Presenters include Eric Salama - Kantar, Jeff Hayzlett - Eastman Kodak, Richard Calacci - CBSSportsline and other top-ranked CMO's.

DigitalCMO Summit Topics Include:

  • How leading companies are now achieving measurable brand awareness online
  • New techniques for targeting profitable customer segments and proving effectiveness
  • Changing approaches to advertising creative that make online branding even more powerful
  • Best practices for online media planning and long-term advertising effectiveness

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